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Redraw Services
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Redraw Services
We convert website logos, jpegs, faxes, scans, bar napkins, and hand-drawn sketches into EPS Vector Art. Send us your artwork in any format, and we'll deliver camera ready art in as fast as 4 hours.
CAMERAReadyArt Bitmap to EPS Vector CAMERAReadyArt Scan to EPS Vector
CAMERAReadyArt Sketches to EPS Vector CAMERAReadyArt Typeset & Layout to EPS Vector
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Type 1 - Logo w/ text
Simple logos with company name only
Service Next Day Same Day
Logo w/ text AUD27.95 AUD37.95
Type 2 - Design layout
Detailed logos with multiple images, copy & company name
Service 2 Days Next Day
Design layout AUD47.95 AUD57.95
Type 3 - Complex artwork
Complex designs like "four color process", images with many colors, gradient & separations
Service 3-5 Days Next Day
Complex Artwork AUD67.95 N/A
Type 4 - Custom artwork
Very Complex artwork, which may contain multiple logos or characters. Artwork will be reviewed and Price and delivery date will be determined based on the review.
Service 5-10 Days Next Day
Custom Artwork AUD197.95 N/A
PO to Proof to Printing
We also provide a comprehensive package to our top suppliers where we decipher their purchase orders & client emails, clean up their artwork and size it on to a product template ready for printing. Click here to know more.
Job Type 1:
Job Type 1
Job Type 2:
Job Type 2
Job Type 3:
Job Type 3
Job Type 4:
Job Type 4
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